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    Repairing a black and decker 18v battery charger

    Just discovered the charger for my 18v black and decker electric drill power packs quit working. I managed to repair it and because I was bored, I took pics....

    Step 1: gently open the transformer housing...

    We can see the problem here, that resistor is toast. If you're not en electronics person, the component in the lower right corner that is pink and has black around it on the plastic... should not be pink or have scorch marks under it.

    Step 2: Desolder/remove the old resistor

    Step 3: Insert a new resistor
    The old one was unreadable but I found out from the internet that a 100ohm resistor works and luckily I had one. Had to use the soldering iron to keep the holes open while I stuck it in(gigity).

    Step 4: Solder
    Sorry for the shitty pic.

    Step 5: cut the extra wire off of your half-ass solder job

    Step 6:reassemble and glue
    A hot glue gun should be in any tinkerer's tool box


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    Yes, a "hot glue" gun should be in any tinkerer's toolbox (I have several, including one "cordless". You have to plug it in to heat it up, but you can remove the cord from the gun once it's there and you get 5-6 minutes' work time with the thing before you have to plug it in again. Comes in handy, some jobs!)

    You should also have a good Dremel kit as well, I used mine extensively (I have three - one cordless and two corded. Why two corded? Ever have a critical tool get stupid on you in the middle of a job? Switch tools, then overhaul when you're done.)

    I love the "gently open" pic - I'd have chucked a Gyros saw blade into the Dremel and cut along the seam, but there you go!

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