I updated my iphone4 last night.

So far, here's what I've noticed:

The safari browser is significantly faster than it was before. Normally when they say a browser is faster I can't tell any difference but it is noticeably a lot more "zippy" and responsive.

I seem to loose signal more often. Granted this is in places that were always iffy before, but it seems to drop more often than it did.(I am on AT&T.... for now).

There's a new folder in the mail app for "VIP"s. Have not played with it but it looks like a priority inbox you can set up to only show e-mails from important people on your VIP list. I effectively accomplished the same thing years ago by creating a 2nd e-mail address that I only give to friends&family but I see how one might use it.

Podcasts have been moved out of the old ipod app and are now in their own "podcasts" app. I'm not sure what the point of this was exactly. It looks like it will sync up your subscribed podcasts direct to the phone without having to go through itunes which is a plus. The app it's self is easy enough to use. I just don't see why I'd want one form of audio playback in a separate app when everything else is under the ipod app(I guess they just call it "music" now).

MAP support.. no this has nothing to do with navigation. The acronym stands for "message access profile". This is the protocol that, over bluetooth, enables other devices to access your text messages. Practical real world example: The Ford Sync system will read your texts to you. Other phone users have been able to do this for years but apple just now got around to adding the feature to their new OS. I had sync read me a couple of texts earlier. Still playing with it... so far I'm underwhelmed but it did read the text. BMW and several other car makers with connectivity systems will no doubt also be able to take advantage of this update.

Speaking of maps... apple now has their own map service. It not longer uses google. On the surface it looks pretty usable, but I've not played with it much. Supposedly google is going to/already has an app so you can still get google maps.

So far, nothing has gone wrong. It almost feels like it's a little faster overall but that might be a placebo effect. Still, what I am sure of is that it isn't any slower which is often a problem in iOS updates.

So far, I'd say if you were waiting to update go for it based on my experience.