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    Whats a 1973 LTD worth ?

    What's a 1972 LTD worth ? There is a guy here on CL selling one that was thinking. I'm thinking $2000 to $4000.

    4 door, in im no hurry to sell it, but if the right offer comes by.... its got a list of new parts in it, new exhaust flowmaster 40s new starter new starter solonoid new batery cables new heat riser tube new air filter carb is 100% new fuel filter new sparks wires caps n rotors, this thing is ready for a car show


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    Check for body rust underneath where you can't see it- quarter/rocker panels. Also around where the fuel filler goes through the body, and the area underneath the back seat... these are places I've seen them rust through before.

    If this thing was PERFECT paint & interior and low miles then I'd say $5k. However, it's got high miles for something of this era and I could see some surface rust spots along side the hood.. not a big deal and they DO happen in that spot and are just cosmetic there but still that's not perfect condition.

    I'd say if you have no body rust-through and it's as good as presented in this video 2-3k is a reasonable value.

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