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    Post any problems with the forum here

    This thing is brand new, there are bound to be issues.

    If you don't like how something is configured, needs updated, etc post.

    If it's actually a bug, screenshots and what browser / version you're running may be helpful.

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    Since the opening, it has been reported initially that you couldn't set an avatar pic, that's been fixed.

    It also was just reported you couldn't add pics to your signature. I just corrected that one too.

    I'm basically a superuser and I can do everything so I have no idea what may be disabled. Let me know if there's anything not working like that. The only thing that is off on purpose is the ability to attach pictures(for now). It might be turned on in the future, depends on how bad we get hit on our server bandwidth.

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    Imageshack. Or tiny pic. Or however many other places let you upload images for free. Shouldn't be too much of an issue for people to upload stuff and just link it.

    ~Matt Booker

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