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Thread: Loader fail..

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    Loader fail..

    Welp, I was pushing a big pile of fallen trees/limbs/brush over into the creek when this happened...

    It's all soaking in engine degreaser now.... I guess we'll see if my crap welding skills can pass yet another test.

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    If you have the capability, I'd go through and pin it - then weld the seam and the pins in place. The trouble is going to be drilling through the slug that slips inside to take the pins, and making sure there's enough material to do it. Screws can also work, but you'd have to chew the zinc off before you tried to weld them down (or you could leave them in as backup, but paint the holes first.)

    If you can't do at least a 1/2" screw or pin with at least 1/2" of material to the near edge, don't bother. (That means the slug would have to slip in a minimum of an inch and a half - so you have a half-inch of slug and a half-inch of tube going in either direction.)

    However, that's a strategy that has worked well for me in major repairs.

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    Yeah that's a good idea but there isn't even 1/2" to slide in there so its a no go. I just welded it together... looks ugly as hell but I hit it with my sledge a couple times really hard and nothing gave. Bugs were eating me alive so I'll try to get it cleaned up and find some paint for it in the morning.

    I should probably add that my welding experience consists of the following:

    Couple hours basic training in Ag class when I was in high school...

    welded the base of a metal office chair back together... it later broke....

    Welded the handle back on the lid of my weber grill when it came off... still holding

    Welded together the hydraulic pump bracket on this same tractor... still holding

    Here's hoping.

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    Still not a day's use and abuse, but this looks promising..

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