Rant time.

Google Navigation is still half baked. I've had multiple problems with it. First time I spoke the destination "Verizon Wireless", it looked up the closest address, then proceeded to direct me one mile south of the actual store. I knew it was in Bellevue Town Center, but it took me right on past and into a residential district. I backtracked on my own at the mall. (I get a postal employee discount on my bill)

Second time was for T-Mobile (my brother's carrier.) I wanted to meet and give my brother the new HTC HD7 Windows phone. So I launch Google Navigation and this time I type "T-Mobile" it gives me a list of stores and I pick the one in Redmond. Do you think Google Navigation took me to the T-Mobile store? Nope. I wound up in the heart of the Microsoft campus.

Kind of funny that Google is directing me to Microsoft. Think they are trying to tell me something?