But NOT the typical 12VDC units. I'd like to find them in 5VDC or 6VDC - maybe 3VDC, but 5 or 6 will be easier for me to work with.

I spend a lot of time in libraries, reference sections. They're usually stuffy. I want to make some small portable fans (so I don't have to carry that foot-tall tower job with me to plug in...) that I can make run on batteries or wall warts. I'm thinking that I'd probably put a rechargable battery in it, have positions for CR123As (which I use elsewhere - I buy those several dozen at a time from SureFire, the power density there is excellent!) and have a barrel plug to plug in a 5V or 6V wall wart, if the batteries are shot.

I'd like to find something 3"-4" across - this will allow me to put it in a fairly small box (to hold the batteries and wiring as well,) but should still move enough air to matter. Doing the sheetmetal work/plastic work to customise the box is no trouble for me, neither is the hardware (or soldering, or wiring, or anything else.)

I've just been getting stuck finding muffin fans that are:
- A useful size (3-4" across)
- Not 12VDC (6VDC preferred, 5VDC or 3/3.3VDC will be workable)
- Run rather quiet (I do plan to use these in libraries. Most people may elect to make noise in libraries, but I'm too old for that &***)
- And hopefully not overly damned spendy

I'll be putting these into smallish boxen (I plan to make three or four of them,) and I'd like to keep the weight down as well (the electronics don't pose a problem, and nearly anything will be lighter than the tower fan I now carry around.)

This is a project I want to tackle before I buy/build a cellphone jammer (I don't understand why people can't read the signs - what part of "Put your cellphone on silent or turn it off" is so difficult to understand? I figure either a jammer to knock the calls off the air, or a HERF gun to just smoke the phone...)

Any ideas?