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    So I tried to create a real web app and failed

    Tried to do this


    The application



    Got up to

    Run two chemoventory scripts: Chemoventory Zend CE Installation Page 9
    MySQL Scripts:
    1. chemoventory.sql
    2. chemoventory_data.sql

    Made big fail totally don't understand the workings of this system, SQL some sort of database framework file??

    WTF do they expect me to do here, totally lost. None of those scripts are in the files how to proceed??

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    .sql files usually contain a database structure and/or data for an SQL database. You'd load them into your mysql server, I'm guessing from the file names that the first one contains all the table definitions and the second file contains the data that goes into them.

    I'm not sure off the top of my head where to do it on a windows mysql server, but there's probably a straightforward menu options somewhere.
    In a command line environment.. unix/linux I'd just do this... mysql -u username -p databasename < file.sql

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    Are you getting any error messages, if so post 'em to this thread. Also, this might seem like a stupid question, but do you have MySQL installed on your system?
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    34-Here is the message I get when trying to run the program

    The Mysql is loaded and I am using the HeidiSQL GUI editor but am baffled

    This must be a simple process, or otherwise there would be copies of the SQL file in the download ?? The Test Sql file had tons of code, they can't expect one to simply write that up.

    I must be missing something
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    I see lite/eval in the file names. Is this a demo? They may just force you to buy the program or register or something to get those files. IDK, not familiar with this thing.

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    Can you connect to the SQL server using PuTTY?


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