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    I want to run osx on something just to see what it is like. I have absolutely no friends with an apple computer. I have an iphone, ipad, multiple ipods, apple tv, etc....I just wonder if it is really better or just on par with win7. I have win8 running on a laptop right now and its just kind of blah in my opinion. I have another laptop a customer gave me after i told him he needed to provide me with a new copy of xp, or go buy win7 for about 150, or just go to best buy and buy a new laptop, he bought the new laptop. Its a hp pavilion dv6000 with an intel processor. the only intel in the house...LOL Everything else is AMD. where can i find a legit good copy of osx to download. i found one on demonoid, but some of the comments say it has a key logger in it and it does weird stuff while it downloads, so i cancelled it. anyone have any other options? I know i will have to run it in virutual world or whatever, but would rather just devote this entire laptop to it. any ideas etc would be much appreciated!!

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    There is a list out there of compatible hardware.

    I'd start here. http://www.hackintosh.com/

    In my opinion, you aren't missing anything. YMMV, some people love OSX - it is 13 years old now and Apple has been updating it incrementally over the years but there isn't anything revolutionary about it. It is different from Windows, no doubt about that. Whether that is a good thing or not is up to you.

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    Well i cannot figure out who manufactured the motherboard in this thing. it is a hp pavilion dv6500 with a HP 446477-001 MB NP motheboard. HP does not make motherboards usually, they just pile shit together and sell it as HP, right? I have searched and searched who makes this but nothing so far. anyone have any idea? using dxdiag i get generic info....it tells me its a HP.

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    It's funny you made this thread, here's a picture of my kitchen table right now:

    I'm getting ready to prepare a tutorial on a hackintosh build

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    Your table is not shown?? Let me know where to find the video!!


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