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    Pictures of your pets thread!

    Because my dog is amazing!!!

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    Teddy1.jpg Toby and Teddy.jpg
    (Click to Embiggen)

    I don't have many pictures of my pets to show off, but I do have these two. First photo is Teddy Bear. He's nearly two years old now, and loves to take my place on the bed when I get up. Someone dumped him near the park (AKA the river boat launch) down the road. Poor thing was almost too young to be taken from his mom, but somehow he survived.

    Second photo shows Toby on the left and Teddy on the right. Yup, that's the same Teddy Bear from the other photo, but this photo was taken just after we got him. (He sure was an ugly kitten. lol) Toby on the left was found dumped in the same park a couple days later. Clearly from a different litter, he was a much older kitten, but still a kitten none the less. The two of them bonded almost instantly. Teddy clings to Toby like a big brother to this day.

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    download (1).jpg
    This is Greta. I rescued her from Sangamon County Animal Shelter last July. Since, she has gone from a nervous whiner to... well still a whiner but a lot more confident. She's unique among the dogs I've been around in that she doesn't damage anyone's stuff, but if you give her a toy, she WILL destroy it. I gave her one of those Kong toys made from ballistic nylon and triple stitched with the squeaky ball in the middle and she managed to tear the outer fabric off the squeaky ball, break the squeaker off and then pull what tiny bit of stuffing was in the thing out all over my carpet. She's mastered basic obedience and we are currently working on some more advanced training as well as being a trainer dog for...

    Gertrude! Mom got her from the pound in Pittsfield a couple weeks ago and she's a sweetie. We're not sure if she was in a puppy mill or what her story was, she's pretty skiddish around new people/large people. Getting her trained to go outside was fun. I had to capture Greta every morning for a week before she got to go pee and take her over to my parents so the new dog would mark over her fresh spot. She's also FAST... We had dachsies when I was a kid and none of them are as fast as this little girl. She can also jump over 4 feet in the air and can push 5 gallon water bottles around. Not bad for a 10 lbs dog...

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