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Thread: Horse Sh*$&...

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    Horse Sh*$&...


    I have a pretty big garden planned this year and I have access to free horse shit. I just have to haul it and that's where the issue comes in.

    My truck is new and shiny yet. I know this is what trucks are for but I cringe at the idea of dropping a loader bucket of shit into my brand new truck. Put down plastic? Buy a trailer? Quit bitching and just wash it really good after?

    I can't be the first person with this dilema.

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    Plastic for four bucks at Wally mart. Dispose of plastic after unload.... emmm done.

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    Line-X it, it would wash off.

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    Rent a truck or pay to have it delivered.

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    This. Menards rents pickup trucks son... HOURLY.

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    I have some horseshit too, in the form of an email from my HOA.

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