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Thread: LS front

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    LS front

    I guess my new altima coupe 2.5s has a LS front diff. And, that damn traction control pisses me off. Any one know of a way to make it off unless I turn it on?

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    A lot of vehicles have a jumper that you can insert under the dash/in the glove box...

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    I've never seen a vehicle with a jumper.

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    I think he's talking about the wiring harness that came on P71 Crown Vics that you could plug the connector for the traction control disable button into and leave it permanently off.

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    Yea, so if I disable TC, looks like I have no abs, and no speed0...and a dash that will look like a Christmas tree

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    Well, then I guess wait until Christmas.

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    just bypass the abs box with new lines?
    you don't need that shit
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