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    I think I need a new air compressor...

    I'd been thinking of upgrading anyway, this might seal the deal.

    Flipped it on today and it stopped at 20lbs and began shutting off for a long time/coming back on for a second. The shop lights were dimming when it kicked on and further inspection revealed lots of sparks flying from the motor. Don't suppose there's anything serviceable in these little things.

    Main thing I use it for is just airing up tires and blowing crud out of stuff. I had been thinking towards future projects where I might want to run a paint gun though. Pneumatic tools might be nice too... although I already have a pretty good electric impact, drills, grinders, etc. On the other hand, there's a perfect nook for an upright tank and a 220 outlet I only rarely use for a welder...

    Guess I'll start craigslist hunting...

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    You can prob get a brush kit for it, but why.... its old... you've had that one awhile..... haha, you have money. Use your discount.

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    Would this be an appropriate time to... SAVE BIG MONEY!!!

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