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    Cars of your past...

    Post the cars you used to own.

    First car on loan from dad at age 16...
    a 1987 Crown Vic. Great old car for jumping the railroad tracks. My dad had left dog food in it and raccoons ripped up the vinyl top.

    The 1980 F-250
    This one had a 400 V8 and was a ton of fun. My dad barely drove it and had left it parked where the bed got full of leaves and rotted out. I fixed that and drove it quite a bit.

    The 1976 Mercury Marquis... 460 V8, tons of rust. Leaked gas, had a rust hole under the back seat and the seat belt hung out the bottom. We had fun in it... wish I had pics.. It lead to me buying the '77 Mercury I still have today... but I still own it so it doesn't go here.

    The 98 CVPI that got me involved in the crown vic community back in 01. Sadly after 10 years of reliable service it was time to let go. Traded it for the mustang in my sig...

    The '82 Mercedes 300SD grease car project. Fun while it lasted, just sold it this year. I brought this thing home on a trailer with bad brakes and tires. Converted it to run on veggie oil and drove it on some long trips back to see my then fiance. Later on she drove it to work and horse shoeing school and we took it on a few shorter trips. As of the past year we haven't been making the long drives and my Mustang was more fun so it was time to let it go. I'll miss the old greasy bastard though.

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    My vehicles?

    1990 Mazda 323
    1989 Toyota Camry wagon
    1983 Honda Prelude
    1985 Toyota Pickup
    1984 Vw Jetta
    1985 Toyota Pickup (for parts)
    1988 Nissan Pulsar
    1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    1977 Ford E-350 w/ camper shell
    1984 Chevy C10
    1983 Chevy C10 (for parts)
    1990 Chevy Cavalier
    1998 Isuzu Rodeo
    1988 Mercury Grand Marquis
    1989 Ford Aerostar
    1983 Ford Thunderbird
    1983 Honda VF750S
    1993 Yamaha SH50

    Still have the bikes. Next vehicle is a 1970 Ford F100
    RIP my child 6/20/04 - 3/12/10

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    I started out with a 1990 Bonneville. Five summers of mowing a lawn for free incarnate. I hated that mousefur stuffed POS. It would randomly shock me when I was in the driver's seat because of all of the electrical issues. The FM radio would randomly tune to another station till I finally replaced it. No rear glass defroster and the car was designed in such a way that I would randomly have to get out and scrape when it was snowing. I still put 150K on it.

    I had a 1994 Taurus SHO for 4 months in 2010. I rescued that sucker from a teenager and his idiot friends for $600. They had been putting out blunts ON the back seat, so it was burned to shit over anywhere you couldn't put your ass. Luckily Toreass parts were cheap to get. It had 120K on the clock when I got it. Dumped seafoam in the first day and accidentally got the Springfield Fire Department out because my stupid cow of a neighbor thought the car was on fire Ran around in it a lot of times where the Suburban was less appropriate. Found out just how fast I could get it going against a NSX Unfortunately, 30K later there was a BAD valve tap and I decided to sell it to a guy on SHO boards who was fortunate enough to have stashed a powertrain with under 10K on it he didn't wanna sell.

    I replaced the SHO as a project car with a 1989 Ramcharger. The thing had a bad transmission from the day I got it, but it didn't get that horrible till about 2000 miles into my ownership. I got a "junk" Eddelbrock performer intake and carb from my old boss because it was too small for anything he ran anymore. That took care of the thing's BAD idle problems and let me dump about 5,000,000 feet of vacuum line. I found a blue vibrator under the back seats when I pulled the seats so I could powerwash the carpet. Yes seriously Eventually, the thing "stuck" itself in what I THINK was second and my landlord started throwing a fit over me having a second vehicle on their property. So it turned into my friend's hay hauler. He'd use it to move small amounts of feed and salt blocks to his cattle and I never really got back into it enough to want to replace the transmission. The thing is still actually going with that busted transmission and he says if it ever completely quits I have to come out and fix that

    I still have title to a 1983 longbed Dodge that a kid was going to repaint, so it's rattlecan gray primer. I keep a can in the actual cab so any time I see the primer eroding, it's a quick fix. It's got a camper shell and I've thought about turning the thing into a full on A/C camper in the past. I put a waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmbulance alternator on it because I needed the extra charging when I was out working and was powering a 1200 watt inverter Right now the thing has a Ditch Witch JT-3 in it (along with the lights and tools I use when using said JT-3.

    Then there's my 1996 suburban. Daily driver. Love the thing, though I hate the current breakage cycle we're on

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    I've had a couple '93 Crown Vics. Then a few years ago, when I was living in the desert of Idaho, I bought a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Paid it off in August. Looking to sell it when I move back to the states next month, and buy a new Audi.

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    Back in 84 first car POS $50 72 Malibu tree fiddy broken frame not welded straight By fall sold for $65 when I started Northeastern

    71 duster slant ticks again $50 needed trans, got a junkyard one drove for while then bent control arm after a yearish

    Can barely see it behind me and dad

    Then 72 Ventura Chevy 250 PG accidentially the subframe few years later

    74 Oldsmabuick omega sedan rocket tree fiddy with a Q jet and drum breaks and 14" bias ply real drivers car
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    Post from foan suck will add more

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    2007 F150 XLT 4x4 supercrew
    2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer
    2003 BMW 525I

    1996 Bonneville SSE
    2000 Grand Cherokee
    1999 Blazer
    2000 Impala LS
    2004 Ram slt quad cab hemi 4X4
    2002 F150 FX4 supercab
    1991 Toyota 4x4
    2002 Regal
    2000 Corolla
    1991 Vic LX
    2000 grand marquis ls
    1987 Vic LX
    1988 grand am
    1964 Chevelle SS
    1981 mqlibu coupe
    1962 impala sedan
    1966 chevy pickup
    1978 or 79 le mans
    1984 olds delta 88

    About all I remember riight now.

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    Eau Claire WI
    Only car I had before my current one was a '98 Pontiac Bonneville. It was green and belonged to my mom. She loaned it to me for my last two years of college. Nice car; got me from point a to point b. Now I drive a Subaru Outback most of the time. Bought it for the four wheel drive and ability to drive though multiple mucky cow pastures. I hate spring...and summer...

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    Mine are boring.

    1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
    1989 Mercury Grand Marquis
    1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    1991 Pontiac Grand Prix
    1992 Mercury Grand Marquis
    1996 Ford Crown Victoria
    1996 Mercury Grand Marquis
    1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

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    On a Blimp
    First was a 95 Z28
    Replaced w the 2002 Explorer
    Then a 98 Grand Marquis LS
    To the current 04 Crown Victoria

    The Raptor is a frivolous project at a time when Ford has no business screwing around with frivolous projects. As such, it's the best kind of vehicle one built with damn-the-torpedoes passion. In a rational world, it wouldn't exist. Thank God we don't live in a rational world.

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