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    I'd probably start by getting some tree branches and making them into spears so we can kill cute little bunny rabbits. {just make sure we aren't going after a white one that lives in a cave}.

    If anyone has a 9 volt battery and some steel wool, we have an alternate source of fire.

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    I hate rabbit. Wut about spear fishing?

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    That would work. Either way we need to kill some animals.

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    Things I remember from reading "How to survive anything" (and have on my handy wallet card):

    First thing's first: Fresh fucking water. It's a tropical environment, no shelter we will quickly put together will save us from storms. Shade will help with the sun, as will not working in the middle of the day if it can be avoided. For nights, we can buddy up and a fire would be nice, but we're gonna likely have to spend a few nights in close proximity with people on watch first. The environment will kill us if we do anything stupid, and one of the biggest killers in that sort of environment is dehydration.

    Scouts need to look for two things for us ASAP: Natural sources of fresh water and large areas of rocks and non-sandy soil. If we find water, we can disinfect it (at least enough to avoid dysentery) by putting it in a clear plastic soda/water/etc bottle and letting it sit for 6 hours in direct sunlight (clear plastic from MREs or salvaged from the area the ship was in, they float like mo-fos...). If not, the maximum amount of salt water we can intake without causing serious health concerns is 2 lbs a day, assuming we aren't burning water on digestion (aka eating the MREs). If we find soil suitable of making a solar still, we can take plastic sheets from the life rafts/MREs/debris and use them to make varying sizes of solar still (google it). It might not be great tasting, but enough of them could turn a small spring into a sufficient supply or otherwise improve our situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by ronman View Post
    I would start by figuring out who has mastered the dark art of making fire.
    Me. That was 3/4 of what my brain power was devoted to sophomore year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tami View Post
    I may not have mastered the dark arts, Ron, but I am a smoker who always has a lighter. Once it dries out, we're golden. Or, if necessary, I think I have enough skillz left from my youth to be able to build a fire with some sticks and some tinder if we can find anything dry enough. We would also need to decide what to do about water - a team would need to go look for a fresh water source and we'd need to meet up and decide if using the boat for a water storage device is something we're willing to do if fresh water is a concern.
    If your lighter doesn't work or isn't going to last long considering it has to last 200 people... MREs contain chocolate a lot of times. And some of them contain canned goods (assuming no cases of soda or beer were left in the yachts or no swimmers could find aluminium cans as floating debris). It would be relatively simple to reshape the bottom portion of cans into parabolic mirrors and polish them using the chocolate bar as compound. You can also do this with partially dried fecal matter or some clays, but we can give up that small number of calories for this *cough*

    To get something easy to light in daylight with a parabolic mirror, seeing as there are likely palms and possibly coconuts, I'd start looking for plants I could strip long fiber from. Some palms break down with relatively small amounts of force into fiber we can hand shred and dry on rocks or the beach into an easy to carry kindling. If we manage to save some MRE packaging or find coconuts, that's even waterproof.....

    As to bigger things, that would have to be salvage, at least till we could look into felling brush...

    Quote Originally Posted by cowman View Post
    Yeah I think that's a good plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by cowman View Post
    I hate rabbit. Wut about spear fishing?
    A great idea.... If anyone had the thousands of hours needed to know how. Hell, even getting a rabbit on a spear is hard. I'd personally try for some deadfalls or tiger traps depending on what size of animal trails were evident (assuming we had enough water found to sustain eating something made of protein like that...).

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    Let's hope the "Old Man" has something to save us.

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    Two words: Tidal pools.
    Once the tide goes out there are generally abundant crustaceans and small fish in the remaining pools, and spearing fish in a small pool is a LOT easier than doing it Kontiki-style.

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    I went through this place called the USAF Survival School one time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis View Post
    I went through this place called the USAF Survival School one time...
    at Fairchild AFB? goodtimes

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    Build an altar to the storm god that killed the spammers using fallen trees from the storm just to show gratitude.
    Even though we have no pederasts, start a religion since there is no reason to let the altar go to waste after the gratitude ceremony is over.
    Shouldn't be too hard all it takes is a bullshit story and a couple of assholes to believe it.

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    I'll keep the God I already have thank you.

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    No problem, we need several religions.
    Competition is good.

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