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    If you are driving it right, the moonroof will get you doused in muddy water. I don't know if the nav works off-road.

    Btw here's said old truck and me and friend around age 17...

    I really miss that truck.

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    Most nav's have offroad mode... I like being prepared for things that may never happen.

    The Raptor is a frivolous project at a time when Ford has no business screwing around with frivolous projects. As such, it's the best kind of vehicle one built with damn-the-torpedoes passion. In a rational world, it wouldn't exist. Thank God we don't live in a rational world.

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    I fondly remember riding around in that, late at night while the audio mix went from things like Weird Al's Amish Paradise right into Rob Zombie's Dragula.

    And you putting squirrel tails sticking out from the hood as decorations.

    ~Matt Booker

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    I remember putting the speakers in that, the day we just didn't go back to school after something and went to the lake to find mudholes, the time you got the replacement bed and just tied it on top of the rotting one to get it home

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