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    can i accdientally linux

    So my POS dell is dual boot due to added a Sata card.no sata on board
    So would like to make Linux on the Pata boot drive

    How do?

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    Every linux distro I've ever used will let you set this up during the install process. You do have to get windows installed first because if you install windows 2nd it will overwrite the boot sector and you won't be able to get into linux anymore.

    You can do it with a single hard drive even. Just install windows on a smaller partition(or for an existing install, most distros will let you resize an existing windows partition) and install on partition #2

    Either way it would be wise to back up your data first, just in case.

    Six months ago, I'd probably have suggested Ubuntu but their new desktop SUCKS. Mint is supposed to be a good one, a lot of Ubuntu users are switching to it.

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    Have 3 physical drives

    Have Osx2000? can boot from the SATA. So Linux can the whole boot sector on the other boot it does have xp on it already dont use it anymore

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    If I'm understanding right, you've got Win2k installed on a drive and winXp installed on another and you want to get rid of XP and install linux on that drive?

    Should be able to just use a linux installer to delete the XP partition then install linux. It should detect 2k and give you an option to set up it's boot loader to let you dual boot. If the XP drive isn't your primary boot drive I might even suggest wiping it first.

    I've done dual and triple-boot machines before, the installers normally do all the work for you.

    All that said, I re-iterate my strong suggestion to back up any data you don't wanna loose first. Stuff happens.

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    Both xp with only OS on logical drive. Use some shareware dual boot software bla2000 can't remember

    So what version to load?

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    Ahh. If it was me with that weird 3rd party loader I'd probably just wipe everything, install XP, then install linux. Pretty sure any distribution will detect it all properly and load it but you don't need it and it's something there to gum up the works.

    I'd say Mint... maybe Ubuntu but as I said I hate their new desktop so maybe an old version like 10.something.

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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