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    Misspent youth...

    I have to come clean and admit it... I am responsible for most of this with the exception of the couple that were done by Matt. We were young and didn't know any better.

    Yes, it's a Star Trek fanfic/parody of the most sophomoric and awesome nature. Enjoy.


    And no I don't care about the spelling errors.

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    And coming later this year (hopefully), a legitimate, published book sort of starring (parodies of) Iwol, Booke, Korn, and others.

    There's also some stuff with a guy with a cursed chainsaw, a duck-themed superhero, an amnesiac farmer, an eldritch abomination, Alice, Wonderland, and other things.

    ~Matt Booker

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    I've got an advanced copy and it's good! It reminds me of the hell that was growing up, but it's an awesome read.

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