I've been seeing this posted a few times and thought I'd share it. I love farmers.


Continuing saga of the last dairy farm that is within village limits. New farming is illegal but old farms are grandfathered in. Right on the State Highway Route 7 and the new Interstate 88, and right across the street from a Stewarts Shop/gas station. Otsego County, New York.

Seems he's gone full-time into making signs. A new one was there yesterday and another new one today.

To rehash the story - as I've heard it. The local game warden - technically now known as an Environmental Law Officer - entered the farmer's land without asking permission to look at a camper that's parked way up on the hill (see photo). The farmer found him there, they got in a argument and said farmer told the guy to leave. The officer claimed he can enter anyone's land without permission because he's a law enforcement official.

Not long after, a dead raccoon was found near the farmer's barn, that had been shot with a .22. The Environmental cop accused the farmer of illegally using a firearm too close to the road and gave him a summons, or arrested him - or something to that extent.

Since then, the signs have been our local "soap opera." Seems the farmer wants to run for office (Town Councilman). Also is ticked off at the Otsego County DA (district attorney John Muehl) and the game warden/forest ranger Mark Vancek.

Looks like things are getting tense.