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    Gold Bar, WA
    Stands up.

    "Hi, my name is Mark. AKA Jinx on CVN."

    Everyone here: "Hi Jinx!"

    "I like Panthermobiles, military trucks, arcade machines and computer stuff. My current job is working at an electronics recycling center so I get to play with a lot of cool recycling junk."

    78 AM General M35A2 deuce and a half - 03 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE
    ~~ Preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse since 2009 ~~

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    I am watching you... Charles's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    7 miles south of Osoyoos, BC
    Charles checking in. Old fart been on CVN/CVU/ and the older CVO before hell broke loose. I go by "The_Punisher" on CVN and I go by my first and last name on CVU.

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    Hey y'all, my name's Alex, and I'm another guy from CVN. I have ADD and I'm also ridiculously smart {I got 960 on the SAT in 7th grade}. I'm a college student studying pre-med after an 8 years of shenanigans trying to get an autoimmune disease diagnosed. I'm pretty sarcastic and I tend to do things for the lulz, so don't take a lot of what I say too seriously. My main interests are cars, guns and girls. Well, I'm glad to be here and if you have more questions, ask. I don't bite...

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    Urbana, IL
    My name is Josh. I generally go by HEMI or some variation of HEMI on other forums. I'm not old---just thirty-four---although I probably look a lot older due to all my grey hair. I'm an "IT Specialist" for a Federal research lab, oddly enough located in a building that's on a major university campus. This makes my job suck at times.

    My current vehicles are an '09 Jeep Wrangler X, '67 Plymouth Valiant Signet 2dr and an '83 Suzuki GS1100GL. The last two are in various states of destruction/reconstruction, depending on how you look at it.

    As far as the computer end of things goes, I am a FreeBSD and Windows guy. I can do Linux, but I generally try to avoid it when FreeBSD is an option. I'm forced to use Mac OS X at work every day, and I've become quite proficient at hammering square pegs into round holes, particularly with our OS X Server machine. On the FreeBSD front I am a port maintainer and wrote a few docs that some people found useful.

    My hobbies include computers, cars, motorcycles, firearms, photography, metal fab, home repair, electronics and music. I play bass in a mediocre cover band that plays mostly rock, and mostly '90s rock at that, although we run the gamut from country-rock to metal.

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    SW Ontario
    Hello Folks, those of you who are panther board natives will know me as GM_Guy. I like a little of almost everything. I'm a tech with a local school district, get to drive around in a white van during the day (wanna buy a set of speakers?) in slightly over a 2500 square mile area that our district covers. My specialties in the past have been network infrastructure, tv systems specialist and broadcast engineer for one of the highschools TV/Radio programs. We used to do microwave broadcasting from an inhouse studio for on demand educational video materials, but a city growing up around our center slowly cut off line of sight required for our microwave system, but we've evolved to doing a lot of internet based material delivery.

    My own vehicles are a '73 Nova thats been in the family since new. An '83 fullsize Chevy pickup, and an '89 Grand Marquis. I like wrenching on stuff, debasing people and generally being surly. =-)


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    I'm John. Been involved with th crown vic community since 2000. I live in New Jersey and own a small business. I'm into cars, wheel to wheel racing (club track days, autocross, lemons, chumpcar, etc), music. Here is me at the Grand Canyon Aug. 2010.

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    Much more geek than gear
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    Twin Cities, MN
    I'm Steve. Been on CVN since early 2003 and joined CVU when it opened. I remember the good old days of being called a moron by Ron on a few occasions when I made some dumb comment about a car that I based on what I had heard. Not much of a gear head, but I'm a geek at heart (been building my own desktops since my first Pentium 133MHz back in 1996). I love sports, especially my local teams that like to let me down year after year. When I'm on my days off, I love playing computer and Xbox 360 games. My current addictions are NHL 12 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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    I'm Ryan, I have been a message board connoisseur for the past 12 years or so, but many of you will know me from CVU- where I have been a member for roughly 8 years. I'm a surly, cantankerous, miserable piece of work in my own mind, which IRL is nothing more than 'lolwut'. Despite having served in the Army as a mechanic my gearhead status is somewhere around counting to potato. Infact the sun has to be reflecting off of a 30 rack of beer before I even give concideration to touching a wrench, because after doing it for others for so long I no longer find enjoyment in it unless I have been drinking. Sad but true. Geek status? I used to build my own computers, then I stopped for a few years, now I have no idea what is going on and everything confuses me. Infact my computer is old enough to of given birth to some of you, and I don't even have home internet- I post from a tablet. God do I suck. I am however a Star Trek nerd, big time, it hurts. I haven't watched any of the shows regularly in years, but once someone opens the memry flood gates... well, people have been known to drown.

    I live in Maine with my wife and son, my more current hobbies include 'target' shooting, failing at hunting, collecting the same firearms everyone else already has, militaria, pretending to fix my garden tractor, and messing up an already organized garage so I can organize it all over again.

    I am both a Dittohead and a Sick Twisted Freak, if you understand that good for you.

    I currently work as a corporate rent-a-cop for a major bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tessa View Post
    My name is Tessa. I'm a farrier. I trim and shoe horses for a living. I am also a stable hand, horse therapy volunteer, and child wrangler during the summer camp season. I am married to Jaime (cowman) When not working I am riding horses, when I am not riding horses I am feeding them and cleaning up their poop.

    So... do you clean up Jaime's poop...

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    My name is Ryan. I currently own a 2003 Ford Vomit Comet that hauled Jim Doyle around, a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Grandmamobile, and a 2003 Nissan Xterra S/C, and I just fully completed building a 1930 Model A ford tudor sedan.. I am currently working for a childrens clothing chain as a regional loss prevention manager but I am currently on TLO (Temporary Layoff) due to a restructure of the region. I have been a CSO in a local LEO agency for a year but recently resigned because I felt that it was not a good path for me. I travel throughout the midwest often and have been racking up the miles on my CVPI. I have owned four panthers and one gave its life to save mine. I am Cisco CCNA certified as well as A+, Network +, and have worked for NCR in the past. I own a LLC based out of Indiana that provides technology solutions to small business and consumers and have three technicians working for me including myself. I have been volunteering some time at a local non-profit that pays me for some of my time, but not all, doing IT work and helping them get setup including a full avaya PBX system, backup servers, and more. I have a beautiful and amazing girlfriend that keeps my ass in line that is in school to become a special education teacher. I have made some stupid decisions in my life but I am trying to make them better.

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