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    Introduction thread....

    Yo. Post who you are, maybe who you are on other boards if you used a different handle and say something about yourself.

    I am Jaime IRL. Old fart of the crown vic community.
    I currently work as a programmer for the corporate office at a well known home improvement company. You can probably easily figure out which one, I just don't want the name googleable.

    My wife is Tessa(same one you see posting here). We live in WI on a bit of land outside of town. I drive the Mustang GT in my sig, a 96 F-150 4x4(for now), and my classic 77 Mercury Marquis.

    Sort of between automotive projects right now from suddenly having newer cars and no time due to work.
    This be me red faced from cold weather and crap:

    2012 Mustang GT Premium 6-speed

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    Fixing everything! 6 Speed's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Elkhorn, Wi
    IRL I go by Lumpy. I own 6 SPEED auto & small engine repair in Elkhorn, Wi. New shop but it's fun working my way up from the bottom. No greater feeling honestly.

    My vehicles are a 1983 Honda VF750S Sabre, 1993 Yamaha SH50 Razz, and have a 1970 Ford F100 coming in the near future.

    And a picture of me from my last job
    RIP my child 6/20/04 - 3/12/10

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    n00b Tessa's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Eau Claire WI
    My name is Tessa. I'm a farrier. I trim and shoe horses for a living. I am also a stable hand, horse therapy volunteer, and child wrangler during the summer camp season. I am married to Jaime (cowman) When not working I am riding horses, when I am not riding horses I am feeding them and cleaning up their poop.

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    Administrator TDSP's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Bronie Town USA
    IRL I go by Doug. I'm also an old fart of the Vic community, though I've never owned a panther
    I used to be one of three guys who ran the infamous Big Al's Lounge board before it was REMOVED from google and taken over by eurotrash. I also post on [H]ardForum under an undisclosed identity, post on Crownvic.us and Suburban Forums as TDSP and am on various gaming accounts as Merry Choppins.

    None of the acronyms here are accurate for my username.

    I live in a small town within a day's walk of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. I hold a bachelors in MIS and Accountancy, A masters in Economics and have Post-Graduate certificates in Entrepreneurship and Econometric Modeling. I work for a small dental practice as an insurance coordinator, fix technology and contract in Information Technology. My business CV includes work in Auditing and Fraud Examination, GIS and Mainframe development, Infrastructure/Fiber Optic, Microwave and Radio, Disaster Recovery, SAN and MS Exchange Administration, Greenwashing, Agriculture and Government.

    I drive a 1996 suburban right now, but will likely end up with a Towncar shortly. I also have two Vespa Scooters in various stages of completion in my garage right now. Once I get my garage into non-shitty condition, pics will be posted.

    Here's me at work:

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    Jan 2012
    Hey. i'm jason... I like computers, cars, and motorcycles. I am a member of the CV community as well. Got sent over by "Lumpy".

    I like the concept... My two favorite things, vehicles and computers.

    Here is me looking like a doofus...

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    you saw nothing....
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    Jan 2012
    San jose CA
    IRL i go by terry and i was sent by 6 speed from custom fighters

    cars bikes mechanical anything with a motor or computer or computer
    own1977 Chevy Camaro, 1987 Chevy Camaro,1983 Honda Interceptor vf-750F, 1985 Honda Sabre VF-700S

    in San Jose California
    last pic i have

    i am polishing a aluminum coffin lunchbox/TIG box.

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    rollin' in the deep Tami's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    One of those states that ends in O
    I'm Tami and apparently the old lady of the CV boards. I, however, did own two panthers back in the day - an 89 CV followed by a 01 GM. Now I'm driving a 99 Kia Sportage vert, which I pretty much hate except for the fact it's paid off and gets reasonable fuel mileage. Looks like this:

    I'm from Boise, Idaho. I live with my husband (made it a year, woo!) and our dog and cat in an awesome old house. Here's my husband and I at our kick ass zombie wedding:

    Oct 30, 2010 - 08 by thereflectiveone, on Flickr

    ...and everyone, please meet Cooper. He's a 9 year old miniature poodle and the most adorable curly little old man ever.

    must scritch curly chin... by thereflectiveone, on Flickr

    For work, I'm a process analyst for a company that does tech support for the major iProducts manufacturer. I kind of fell in to this job a few years ago, and stayed. I wonder every day how much longer I'll do this. I love the products and I love my co-workers, but the job itself is...well...a job. Recently they've had me traveling - I spent two weeks in Montreal recently, and will be doing another two weeks in Stockholm soon. Not a bad deal.

    My hobbies include driving too fast (in my husbands Fox Mustang, not the fucking Kia), cooking for my friends and family, playing with my iDevices, painting, throwing hammer, gaming, trying all the good beer, watching movies, karaoke, taking pictures of my wonderful state, shooting, getting myself worked up over politics, and watching college football.

    It's nice to have a new board, thanks to everyone involved!
    "Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one." - Bill Hicks

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    In Cod We Trust ronman's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    7 miles east of KORL
    I know TDSP and Cow and Tami IRL. I have been around boards for 10 years and have run a couple with close to a million posts between them. I take pictures of people and buildings and racecars and former presidents and occasionally get paid to do so. And I drive a Dodge truck with a Cummins in it.

    Example - I took this:

    And a Secret Service agent took this:

    And I also do IT stuff and work on cars and houses in my spare time.

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    Damn the torpedoes! Ezbok58a's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    On a Blimp
    I do many things, most of which are not interesting to anyone. I'm Vin btw... And I drive a Crown Victoria

    The Raptor is a frivolous project at a time when Ford has no business screwing around with frivolous projects. As such, it's the best kind of vehicle one built with damn-the-torpedoes passion. In a rational world, it wouldn't exist. Thank God we don't live in a rational world.

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    Jan 2012
    My name is Curtis. At work, everyone calls me Butters. Including my squadron commander, who is a full bird colonel.

    Right now, I live near Ramstein, Germany. I work as an Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Technician, flying our sick and wounded Department of Defense beneficiaries and coalition partners around the world. It's a great job. If I didn't dislike the people I work with so much, I'd continue doing it (so to speak) for a few more years.

    I drive a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Looking at buying an Audi when I get back to the states in a few months. I also would like to get an older vehicle to tinker with. I enjoy working on things, just haven't had the need, desire, or time to do that for the last two years.

    All of my products for connectivity are iProducts. I have a hatred for Microsoft and their products, even though I have Windows 7 and Office loaded on my MacBook for work and school purposes. It's hard to CAC in to work from home on the Mac OS.

    In my free time, I like to watch movies and read. Right now, I'm reading a lot about the warrior ethos. I'd like to write a book/paper/whatever about the modern military member being a warrior in the original sense of the word.

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