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    The goals of life

    I've been ruminating on this for a while... it's kind of a broad topic but I'm curious how others view this..

    Our society- our laws, values, attitudes, etc all seem to focus on two ideas rarely spoken of but always just assumed.

    Everyone should live as long as possible.

    To be successful you need to get a high-status high paying job.

    People are nuts about diet these days. I get so tired of hearing what I should and shouldn't eat. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, cheeseburgers are not. OK, fine, we know. STFU already.

    And if little Johnny doesn't go to college, gets a construction job, has a loving family and good friends is he not successful? What if he doesn't even have the family but loves amature racing and gets to do it in his free time until he dies at age 60 from a heart attack from too many cheeseburgers?

    Is his life better than say Tommy who spent nearly a decade studying to be a Dr, has a ton of money, a trophy wife who hates him, and spends all his days working until he dies at 80?

    I think we all would agree on the above scenarios but we build a lot of assumptions contrary to these examples into our laws and what we tell our kids as they grow up. Personally if you ask me today, I'd like to live forever and see as much as I can see. I'd love to be super-rich and be able to do whatever I want whenever. But... is that way realistic? Is that way the best way?

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    ~Matt Booker
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    you saw nothing....
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    A person who can sleep at night and to be remembered for The good
    we may not all be blessed with 80,90,100 years
    Do the next right thing Whatever it may be.
    help you're neighbor
    teach the kids down the street
    do constructive things
    but do not lay down and be a door mat
    be happy with the life you live

    We do not need everything to be happy we need the people in our lives.
    what good is it to die alone from all the people you steeped on and burnt bridges with climbing to the top?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Booker View Post

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    It's worth thinking about though... we're approaching a time where the technology we have will be not only powerful enough but cheap enough to monitor everything. We could easily for example monitor every car, slow it down and issue the driver a ticket electronically.

    That's not future talk, we have the infrastructure and technology to do this cheaply and easily right now. Insurance companies are already sticking GPS boxes in people's cars to monitor how many miles they drive and adjust their rates. How long before someone decides to tie that into the drive by wire system and do some speed control?

    And of course someone can and will argue that it would be safer. We'll all be better off, less traffic deaths, lower insurance rates, etc. But the real reason we oppose this- be honest- is because we want to speed. We like to speed- we LOVE to speed and even knowing the risks doing it makes us happy. We just don't want the other yahoo on the road to do it...

    How safe do you really want to be?

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    I can't believe nobody has quoted Tom T Hall.
    You know the thing about faster horses etc.

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    What about the thing about old dogs, etc.?

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    All bullshit aside, I really hate being serious but now I have to, being happy in your life is all that counts.
    The best thing about getting old is when you notice that you no longer have to be cool.
    Everything else is bullshit. There is no reason to live up to anyone else's expectations.

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    After I was married I would want to run to a store somewhere and I'd start to change out of my ratty greasy clothes... then I'd think "Hey, wait, I'm already married. Who am I trying to impress?" .

    Feels good, man.

    I tried passing that onto my wife when she'd ask if she looked good enough to go into public... somehow I don't think she's onboard. :P

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    Male/female differences will always be there, fortunately.
    We need some differences.

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