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Posting Guidelines(da rules)

Geeks and Gears is intended to be a minimally moderated forum for adult posters. This means you can expect some adult language, some adult humor, and stuff that frankly may offend you.

This does not mean anything goes however. This isn't 4chan's infamous /b/. If you want to understand the tone, lurk moar.(this means sit around and read some posts and get a feel for the place before you start posting)

I will go into more detail about what is and isn't ok below but you're probably never going to have a thread locked or a post deleted or get banned if you understand this one concept:

Don't be that guy. I'm talking about the guy who you see in every other thread putting someone down. I'm talking about the guy who seems to be posting something inflammatory or way over the top all the time. I'm talking about the guy who gets offended and makes a huge stink about the tineiest of things over and over again. I'm talking about the guy who is right in the middle of every bit of forum drama and inspires the kind of anger and frustration that makes people not want to hang out on the board anymore.

Don't be that guy.... or in other words, don't be a dick. At the same time, realize that others may probably will post things that offend you from time to time. If it's an exceptionally bad case, we might do something about it but 99.9% of the time we probably won't. It's the internet. If it's upsetting you a lot I suggest logging off, having a drink, and spending some time in the real world.

Since most people understand the rating system used for movies I'll put it in these terms: if our on-topic forums were a movie, we'd be shooting for PG-13. The off-topic forum is unrated, but...

No porn. Girls/guys in underwear/bikinis/etc is fine but no porn. In other words, no visible genitals, nipples, anuses, etc. If they could show it on prime-time broacast TV it's probably ok.
No blatant racism/biggotry. The occasional off-color joke is one thing, opinions on politics/religion are generally ok. Outright hate is not ok and isn't something that belongs on or we want associated in any way with our board. Have a problem with the blacks/jews/gays/etc? Take it elsewhere.

No swearing in subjects. Some people may be viewing the board from work or with family members/children around. To that end, if you're posting a thread with stuff someone might not want their kids or coworkers/boss to accidentally see please put *WW* or *NSFW* in the subject line. An admin/moderator may add it for you if they think it's needed.

Don't post personal/contact info of anyone without their permission. Real names, addresses, phone numbers, that kind of thing.

Spam = instant ban. The one exception to the previous rule is for spammers. We WILL post spammer's IP addresses and any other information we may have on them.

You are ultimately responsible for the content of your posts. We reserve the right to remove any posting at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to ban any user at any time for any reason.

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