View Full Version : Zomg gas prices are going to go up we will all diezorzz!!111

03-07-2012, 11:04 PM
Ok, I'm sorry but people have been freaking out about this every single year since I started driving.

Prediction: It will go up maybe $.50 or so from where it has been, then drop off slightly and stabilize. One or two places, probably in California, will see $5/gal one day and the press will get some nice stock footage of $5 on a gas pump sign.

People will panic, blame the president, the president will likely make some minor gesture that will knock $.10/gal or something off of the current price(because the president doesn't control the price of gas you morons). Teeth will gnash, oil companies cursed, environmentalists jump up and down in delight saying "told you so... nyaaa peak oil.. nyaaa".

Some people will go out and spend $30-$40k on a new hybrid that gets 3-6MPG better mileage than their current car and save about $200 in fuel over the course of a year while smugging off about how smart of a decision they made. (In the meantime the 50, 60, 70mpg diesel cars they have in Europe STILL won't be imported because of the EPA and american car companies being sure that we won't buy them).

Most of us will be pissed but just pay it and go on with our lives because as much as we dislike it we actually are well off in this country relatively speaking and we can afford it.

By fall everyone will be used to it... gas prices will drop down maybe 10 cents from their peak over the summer. The public will shut up about it.

Next year about this time, the same discussion will be repeated again with everyone forgetting that the same thing has pretty much happened every year for decades now.

Thoughts? :evil:

6 Speed
03-08-2012, 12:34 AM
Almost everyone I know would buy any of the diesel cars/small trucks that they have in Europe. When I was working for the shop 09-10, I'd be talking to the customers and a good number of them would have loved to at least tried one out. The market is there, they need to just import the fucking things. Last I heard European emissions and safety standards were just as rigorous as ours, or even more so. But I suppose it all comes down to who greases the pockets of the government.

03-08-2012, 02:29 AM
The only ones I know of for sale here are the VW TDIs and the BMW 335D. The TDIs are expensive and from what I hear the engines are either lemons or run forever.... Hit/miss. I looked at the 335D briefly but instead of buying one of those I got a mustang GT and an f-150 if that gives you an idea of the price range. It is a pretty sweet ride though...

03-08-2012, 04:36 AM
need diesel motorcycles!
they need to start mas selling/ producing these!!! for civilians