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  1. Ubuntu 11.10... who else hates the Unity desktop?
  2. Anyone else play TF2?
  3. Magic: The Gathering
  4. Load testing a linux machine
  5. Supercharge your UPS(backup power supply)
  6. Driving games that don't support steering wheels *rant*
  7. Skyrim (First Arrow to the Knee Joke Gets a Junk Punch!)
  8. Dream gear weel never have
  9. Star Trek: Online - Now free to play!
  10. can i accdientally linux
  11. Comics, What are you reading?
  12. Arcade Machines, What are you playing?
  13. Misspent youth...
  14. Post your gamertags!
  15. Reinstalling Windows XP - HALP!
  16. buy generic spam online
  17. spam in america
  18. Collectables, Statues, Brick-A-Brack, Scale Models, Desk Stuff
  19. Compressed Air
  20. Happy Birthday Hal9000!
  21. Official Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme Thread
  22. Stupid things electronics do
  23. Ordered an Alienware laptop
  24. Our site analytics..
  25. AT-AT Day Afternoon
  26. Apple's iBook EULA. It's kind of evil.
  27. Ebay Deal of the Day: $20 Long range b/g Adapter
  28. I finally have...
  29. You have downloaded
  30. New hard drive?
  31. how can I create a forum?
  32. mycleanpc
  33. Now I've seen it all... Microsoft complaining about Google's use of information.
  34. 80's T-shirts
  35. saw a intersting personalized license plate today
  36. Malwarebytes Lifetime Deal
  37. Super Mario Bros. Crossover
  38. Dell Studio 1537 screen issue
  39. Odd hardware project.
  40. Yet another laptop issue
  41. Newegg Deal on Acer 23" Monitor
  42. Now you can own Spock!
  43. Got a new-to-me "toy" today
  44. Plots from the unaired 8th season of TNG
  45. Waterproof your smartphone?
  46. What's worse, a virus or the people that get them?
  47. Need to get a PATA drive
  48. wtf...
  49. Michael Bay prepares to ruin Ninja Turtles
  50. Emerald City Comic Con
  51. Video transcoders- any ideas?
  52. CPU Cooler for Socket LGA1156 system
  53. Project Glass
  54. Diablo III: Who's excited?
  55. Las Vegas almost had a LIFE SIZE replica of TOS Enterprise.
  56. Hackintosh
  57. Is it possible for me...
  58. So I tried to create a real web app and failed
  59. Looking for muffin fans...
  60. Bueller? Bueller?
  61. Hello from Santa
  62. Payne has returned...
  63. iOS6
  64. eBook "ripping"...
  65. Repairing a black and decker 18v battery charger